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New CSGO Team
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Posted by: Adree
Jun 21st, 2014

Today, we are pleasure to announce you our new CSGO team.


This team is lead by Louis "Minar" Bertrand, ex WebOne, known player. This time he will play with old MONEYTIME, a mix who performe on 1.6 (PXL34 top2, GamGen3 top2, LP69 top2 ...).

First, objectif will attend PXL Lan, then our new hope team will try to play ESWC FR qualifer.

We hope to bring them a support that they deserve and help them to play as a top.


Louis "Minar" Bertrand

Jérémy "NexitY" Bardy

Jérôme "Smygande" Mancini

Damien "da" Ricardo

Morgan "Nathan" Poulanges


Manager Alexandre "aLx" Jaffret

"We are really happy to announce that new team. After some applications, we decided to take the team with our objectifs. 1.6 players is really motived and experienced and add leader who was on CSGO subtop, that was our choose. Together, we will try to show you a professional skill. See you"


Leader Louis "Minar" Bertrand

"We are pleasure to find new home, Team Mistral, who have answer to our issues and we hope that we will get a top ! We will try to play in french gaming and work in long time and why not in inter compétition ? Special thank to the staff, who give us a chance."


Written by Alexandre "aLx" Jaffret

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