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Posted by: Adree
Feb 9th, 2014

The first line-up proposed by Kevin 'Wistiti' Feron had the composition players as bigup and Ares or Bapor. However, Team Mistral aware of low level shown by the line up in place, we asked the manager to revise upward our goals for the 2014 season.
Thus, terran, Brice 'sTk' Raffestin joined us to complete the line up with the aim of reaching break into the French scene.

The recruitment of these talented players was brief. Indeed, the players and the staff did not have the same vision on the future of the line up. The decision was shocking but should fall. After this disaster, five players remaining, sTk, Dizdemon, Diaboliik, TheMagician and Wistiti.
New recruitment session with talented players like Zbelin Lind and sAsMaDjOkEr.

Two notable events fell within the objectives of the team SC2CL (division 3a) and Pandaria (division 1). To strengthen the squad, the player Armax, great master in ladder, led the team to a better day and a better result.
First LAn released for Armax and Zbelin which concludes with a top 3 and top 12 in the HFLAn 6.

In online, we finished 5th in Pandaria and 2nd in SC2CL.

With this team we set up a Starcraft 2 tournament with 150 € cash price with top and French subtop.

    Current line up :

France Ticon small.png DiaboLiK Quentin Dufernez -
France Zicon small.png Dizdemon Loïc Poulain -
France Picon small.png Lind Thibault Poiret -
France Picon small.png sAsMaDjOkEr Sylvain Barre -
France Ticon small.png sTk Brice Raffestin -
France Ticon small.png TheMagician Lionel Benhaim -
Belgium Zicon small.png Wistiti Kevin Feron -
France Zicon small.png Zbelin Thierry Albaret -
Belgium Zicon small.png Armax Maxime Van Espen -
Belgium Picon small.png Stounay Jerry Laurent


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