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New partnership
Posted by: Adree
Feb 8th, 2014

We are pleased to introduce our new partner who will follow us all this season 2014 DEUSWARE.C name is based on a high-end company and just for you friends GAMERS. With partners like CORSAIR, ASUS, AMD, MSI, etc ... BitFenix they have the honor of presenting us with beautiful and high quality products.


Here is a presentation of the company: Established in the context of strengthening the e-Sports PC in France, is an assembler Deusware desktops and laptops to high-end gamers. Product design has been designed to be both powerful and compact. A player will be able to carry his computer in different events like LAN Gaming part without neglecting the quality of the gaming experience.


Here is the interview reponsable knew of this company and our Marketing Manager:


Responsible Deusware: This is primarily a partnership based on trust. Marketing Manager Mistral contacted us very simply by offering us an array of services. Their record is very professional, we have been conquered. That is why we decided to embark on the adventure with a desire on future developments. We believe in this structure.


Marketing Manager Mistral: I'm obviously delighted to have signed a partnership contract with the company which will enable us to equip the best all season and give us the benefit of high-end equipment every year. A big thank you to them and that is a very responsible person gaming fan.


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