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Team Mistral is looking for... Jun 11, 2020 Posted by: Dziczek

As everone can see new game came to the industry! Riot Games decided to launch FPS game called Valorant. The engine is based on League of Legends philosphy so obviously the game is free for everone! Sit thight and watch the streams.


Team Mistral is back! Jun 1, 2020 Posted by: Dziczek

Fortunately the COVID-19 quarantine has ended! It means Team Mistral is back in the business. We'll come back stronger than ever before. We created our instagram page so you can follow our day to day activities. Our new teams will be announced later this month, follow us on our social media to be the one that hears the news first! 

Ouikos Design for Team MISTRAL Aug 21, 2014 Posted by: Metropolis


Team Mistral's new shirt design.

New CSGO Team Jun 21, 2014 Posted by: Adree

Today, we are pleasure to announce you our new CSGO team.